Lifeline of Ohio

How COVID-19 effected our community

Like many healthcare organizations, COVID-19 has created critical challenges for our teams; however, we are working side-by-side with our hospital partners and hundreds of fellow healthcare colleagues to ensure that the opportunities for donation are not lost in this storm. In April alone, Lifeline of Ohio was able to honor the decisions of 17 generous organ donors in our service area and their families, saving 44 lives through transplantation.

Collaborating with our partners, honoring the heroes of donation and supporting our donor families through an unprecedented time of grief inspired our "Let's Help Each Other" initiative, and we've created a collection of resources and opportunities - including registering to be a donor - to help our community take action and make a difference together. You can find more about our this initiative here.

We continue to navigate an ever-changing healthcare landscape, but remain committed to our mission to empower the community to save and heal lives through donation. In the U.S. today, 112,000 individuals are waiting for the gift of a lifesaving transplant, and 20 people die every day because that gift did not arrive in time. Those in need of a transplant represent the most fragile among us, the most susceptible to the pandemic, and our work has never been more important to those waiting than it is at this moment in history.

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