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Ours is a profession guided by the highest calling. To improve health for our patients and our communities.

In the field of healthcare, success is defined by the health and wellness of the people we serve. As leaders we know that positive patient outcomes depend not only on the quality of care delivered by one physician or a single hospital, but also on the synergy of individuals and organizations working together to share best practices and influence the field.

We are one of those organizations.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, & Belonging     DEIAB

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging (DEIAB) are core tenets of ACHEGO. As an organization of healthcare leaders, we firmly believe that DEIAB is essential to healthcare as it drastically improves both work environments and clinical outcomes. It is important that we foster an environment within ACHEGO that is representative of all who receive care within our nation. We will remain committed to behaviors, messaging, dialogue, and programming which aligns with the level of importance associated with creating an inclusive and equitable environment for all.

Local Program Councils

Local Program Councils (LPCs) are committees whose purpose is to bring education and networking opportunities to smaller areas within the chapter area. They bring Face-to-Face Education credit programming and advancement information sessions to members while allowing them to save on travel.

LPCs provide more leadership opportunities, particularly for early careerists looking to boost their visibility, network with other members, offer value to the chapter membership, and gain new management skills.

We serve our communities through 4 Local Councils: Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton & Southeast.

Chapter Regent

The purpose of the Regents-at-Large is to promote diversity in the governance of ACHE with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability. In this role, the Regent-at-Large promotes the vision, mission and values of ACHE by fostering the diversity of ACHE's leadership through programs developed to assist Regents (both Geographic and Federal Sector) increase the diversity of chapter and ACHE leadership and volunteer corps and by being a visible and diverse voice in the ACHE governance structure.

The Regent-at-Large is expected to be well-informed about the policies, programs and services of ACHE through active participation in these activities and to be visible and active in the healthcare community.

We serve our communities through 4 Local Councils: Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton & Southeast.

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  • Attendance & Participation
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Our Journey


Young Administrators Colloquium of Central Ohio

Founded in 1974 as the Young Administrators Colloquium of Central Ohio. The organization, initially numbering twenty-five members, was conceived as a professional and social association for area hospital executives.


Central Ohio Health Administrators Association

In response to the broad interest generated by successful programs and continuing needs of managers in an increasingly complex field, the organization in 1977 formally broadened membership criteria and changed its name to Central Ohio Health Administrators Association (COHAA).

For nearly 27 years, COHAA served as a source for continuing education and professional development for central Ohio healthcare leaders.


Greater Ohio Healthcare Leaders' Forum

In 2004, the Central Ohio Health Administrators Association became an officially designated independent chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE).

The geographic service area has expanded to include the southern half of the state of Ohio, and COHAA officially changed its name to Greater Ohio Healthcare Leaders' Forum.


ACHE of Greater Ohio

In 2016 the Greater Ohio Healthcare Leaders Forum (GOHLF) officially changed their name to ACHE of Greater Ohio. In 2016 and beyond ACHE of Greater Ohio is looking forward to working towards various initiatives to help healthcare leaders in the greater Ohio area connect and advance through ACHE