LPC Representative Application

Thank you for your interest in serving on the ACHEGO's Local Programming Council (LPC).

Each applicant must answer 7 questions regarding ACHE. The response to these questions, along with each applicant’s resume will be weighed and reviewed by the LPC Student Representative Planning Committee.

A Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) applicant will be chosen from The Ohio State University, Franklin University, and Otterbein University. The selected applicant from each school will begin his/her term in May.

The term of the MHA representative will be 12 months. It is expected that all MHA ACHE student representatives will maintain a membership in the National Organization of ACHE (the LPC will pay $75.00 towards a 1-year membership to the National Organization of ACHE).

Submissions and Resumes must be received no later than March 15.

mha student

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