Purpose: Management of internal and external publication and distribution vehicles.

The Chapter Communications Committee is responsible for the operations of and valuable content provided via the chapter’s website, social media, flyers, e-newsletter and all other materials through traditional media. This important Committee also works diligently to uphold and progress the prestigious brand identity of ACHE of Greater Ohio.

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Membership Services

Purpose: Add new affiliates to ACHE of Greater Ohio and monitor retention.

The Membership Services committee collaborates with other ACHEGO committees to coordinates effort that will increase membership. It is comprised of the Membership Services Chair and at least 4 other members of the Chapter representing each LPC area including Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Southeast Ohio.

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Purpose: Procuring and managing sponsorship opportunities.

ACHE of Greater Ohio is focused on creating dynamic partnerships with organizations interesting in sponsorship opportunities and participating in ACHE of Greater Ohio’s events throughout the year. The focus of this committee is on procuring and managing sponsorship opportunities for the chapter.


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Higher Education Network

Purpose: Connecting students with healthcare executives.

The HEN committee is focused on connecting students with current healthcare executives through ACHE’s student shadowing opportunity. Populating a list of interested executives and connecting them with their respective masters students from area program is the focus of this committee.


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Purpose: Develop policies and initiatives that foster an inclusive environment for all

The committee recognizes the contributions and supports the advancement of all, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. An inclusive environment can enhance the quality of healthcare, improve hospital/community relations, and positively affect the health status of society. In addition, the committee will work to develop and/or maintain strategic relationships with other healthcare societies.

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Local Program Councils

Purpose: Provide education and networking opportunities for local areas within the chapter area.

They bring Face-to-Face Education credit programming and advancement information sessions to members while allowing them to save on travel. LPCs provide leadership opportunities, particularly for early careerists looking to boost their visibility, network with other members, offer value to the chapter membership, and gain new management skills.

Serving: Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton & Southeast.

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