John K. Hall, MD, JD, MBA, MS, FCLM, FRCPC

Chief Medical Officer, Knox Community Hospital

John K. Hall, MD, JD, MBA, MS, FCLM, FRCPC serves as the Chief Medical Officer for Knox Community Hospital in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Dr. Hall is a licensed physician in several jurisdictions and is admitted to the California bar. He is also the founder of The Aegis Firm, a healthcare consulting firm providing consultative and litigation support on a wide variety of criminal and civil matters related to healthcare. He also serves as Chief Regulatory Officer for the Aerolib family of products.

He has previously served on corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion committees for large hospital corporations. He is a recognized authority on revenue cycle practices- including CDI and denials management; black-letter health law; government payers and audits; medical staff relations; medical ethics; and patient and physician rights. Dr. Hall hopes to help explain complex problems at the intersection of medicine and law and prepare providers to manage those problems in a fiscally responsible fashion.

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