Rick Browne

Chair of Health Services Administration, Xavier University

MeFredrick “Rick” Browne has been a faculty member in Xavier University’s Department of Health Services Administration for the past 10 years. He helped to launch Xavier’s AUPHA Certified Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration when he was hired as that program’s first Director in 2012. His areas of interest include ethics, inter-professional education, and the professional development of students. He is a licensed psychologist.

List three things that inspire you as a healthcare educator
  1. Seeing alumni, particularly those I taught, mentor, hire, and supervise our students and younger alumni
  2. Students who innovatively find ways to help vulnerable people, here and abroad
  3. Seeing students who have struggled figure out their interests and path become motivated professionals with purpose
What is the impact of ACHE of Greater Ohio on your students’ education and professional growth and development?

ACHE has given our students many opportunities for professional development. Their wonderful programs and experiences have helped students to figure out their path, and to connect with professionals who can help them to achieve their goals.

How do you view your role as an educator and impact on future health leaders as it pertains to improving public health outcomes?

As I myself am not the person who will make the needed changes, I see myself as a catalyst. My job is to help students see the problems that exist and care about them. My job is to help them develop skills and knowledge to address public health challenges. And my job is to connect them to professionals who can help them get into the working world so they can continue to learn and make a difference.

Share a cool fact that your students do not know about you

When I was in college and graduate school, I was terrified of public speaking. I would have never thought I’d teach for a living!”

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