Executive Sponsorship

  • Commitment: $3,500
  • Benefits include:
  1. Commitment for a one-year period
  2. All those of a Corporate Sponsorship
  3. 4 complimentary tickets to each chapter Face to Face event
  4. Identified and recognized at start of each ACHE event as a ACHE Executive Sponsor
  5. Opportunity to introduce guest speakers and company bio at the event

Corporate Sponsorship

  • Commitment: $2,500
  • Benefits include:
  1. Commitment for a one-year period
  2. All those of an Event Sponsorship
  3. Email to ACHE members from President and Sponsorship Chairman announcing sponsorship
  4. 4 complimentary tickets to 3 Face-to-Face events (1 event per LPC)
  5. Table at event to display and distribute literature.
  6. Corporate logo on ACHE website identifying organization as a ACHE Corporate Sponsor
  7. Opportunity to display a Corporate banner/sign at all ACHE events

Event Sponsorship

  • Benefits include:
  1. Commitment per event
  2. 1 individually draped table and signage featuring the vendors name allowed at the event
  3. Corporate logo posted on event section of ACHE website, registration and event flyer identifying your organization as a sponsor

Thank you to our current event sponsors


Where does the money go?

  Educational programming of ACHE events

Sponsorship makes it possible to provide educational Face–to– Face hours at events, which helps members to achieve Fellowship status. To obtain a Fellowship, members must have a specific amount of Face-to-Face hours.

  Scholarships and Discounted Rates to Students interested in ACHE
  1. Two $500 sponsorships are offered to help MHA students attend ACHE Congress in Chicago each year
  2. Four $75 ACHE Student Member scholarships are offered to the students from OSU, Franklin, OU, and Otterbein who have been selected to serve on the Columbus LPC
  3. One $75 Management Institute Scholarship is awarded to a student from OSU. Covers administrative and marketing support Pays for an Administrative Assistant and covers cost of marketing materials

  Administrative & Marketing Support
  1. Administrative assistant
  2. Marketing
  3. General supplies

  Professional Networking Events

Helps to fund Professional Networking events, which provide a venue for both ACHE members and non-members to network. This includes Breakfast with Healthcare Champions events and evening happy hours.

  Annual Board of Governors Review Session

Funds provided by sponsorships cover the cost of food and any other fees associated with the Annual Board of Governors Review Session. As a result, this event is offered free of charge to all participants.


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