Higher Education Network (HEN)

  Connecting students with healthcare executives.
   Committee Chair:  Kevin Brooks

The HEN committee is focused on connecting students with current healthcare executives through ACHE’s student shadowing opportunity. Populating a list of interested executives and connecting them with their respective masters students from area program is the focus of this committee.

If you are interested in participating in this committee or volunteering for the ACHE of Greater Ohio’s Shadow Day as a participating executive please contact Kevin Brooks.

2017 Groundhog Job Shadow Day

This program has been developed as an opportunity for students enrolled in local graduate programs that participate in the ACHE of Greater Ohio – Higher Education Network (HEN) to experience a day in the life of a healthcare executive. Students will be paired with executives by the HEN Student Representatives.

Graduate students, there's still time to participate in the 2017 Groundhog Job Shadow Day!

  • To participate, simply complete a short SurveyMonkey
  • Student participants MUST be identified by December 21, 2016
  • Contact Kevin Brooks  for additional information

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ACHE of Greater Ohio is seeking Healthcare Executives to host a graduate student.

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2017 Congress Scholarship

Are you planning to attend the 2017 Congress on Healthcare Leadership?
If so, here's your chance to share some of the expenses!

ACHE of Greater Ohio would like to invite you, as a Masters of Healthcare Administration student, to participate in our annual Congress Scholarship for 2017. The scholarship includes reimbursement up to $500.00 for travel expenses to Congress.

Applicants must email their resume, as well as answers to all four questions below to ACHE of Greater Ohio President, Mark Holroyd, FACHE. Submissions will be reviewed and weighed by the officers of the board of directors. Applications MUST be received no later than Monday, February 27, 2017.

  1. What is your understanding of ACHE and ACHE of Greater Ohio?
    Please provide a brief paragraph.
  2. What has been your experience with ACHE of Greater Ohio?
  3. How will attendance at the 2017 Congress support your educational goals?
    Please provide a brief paragraph.
  4. What is one recommendation for ACHE of Greater Ohio regarding local programming that would most interest you (and which you would be a participant in the event)?

  • Notification of awards will occur by March 6, 2017.

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College Bowl

  Committee Chair:  Rosalie Weakland

New Committee. Content coming soon.
For inquiries please contact Rosalie Weakland


    Procuring and managing sponsorship opportunities.

ACHE of Greater Ohio is focused on creating dynamic partnerships with organizations interesting in sponsorship opportunities and participating in ACHE of Greater Ohio’s events throughout the year. The focus of this committee is on procuring and managing sponsorship opportunities for the chapters events.

To volunteer on this committee, please contact:

  Melissa Stacy-Cull
  Richard Sandvos

Current Opportunities